Want To Avoid Serious Penalties Once the Marijuana Law Is Fully Operational? Here’s Your Responsibility

Since it was passed last year November, Proposition 64 has been the talk of everyone in the whole of California and beyond. To some, it is a great relieve, and to others, it remains a puzzle bearing in mind that some issues aren’t clear yet. For users of medical marijuana, it would be great to know what the law requires to avoid landing in problems once the law is fully operational in the state. Though it makes it legal for one to use cannabis for medical and recreational purposes, it does not say that one is free to do anything with the drug. Some crimes related to marijuana remain punishable, and one can still be penalized if found committing any cannabis related offense.

As a medical cannabis patient, you have a role to play, and you must ensure that you remain within the boundaries that the law states. The law makes it clear that the drug is allowed for medical purposes and only when it is prescribed to a patient by a licensed doctor. As such, anything outside the use of it for recreational and medical reasons is prohibited. So if you are planning to set your foot in this industry, then you must familiarize yourself with what the law says. Provided you act within it, you can be sure that you will be safe and free of issues that could occur to you as a user of medical cannabis. To avoid penalties, here is your responsibility:

Don’t Pressure Others to become Users

Even if you feel that the drug is doing well with you, you should avoid influencing others to become users of medical cannabis. The only person given permission by the law to do so is a licensed medical marijuana doctor. Therefore, anyone found doing a job that is not theirs will, of course, meet the full force of the law. If you think your friend should be using the drug, then advise them to seek assistance from their doctor. If they are found to be okay to start using the drug, then they can go ahead to use it. Influencing your friends to use it without a doctor’s advice can result in serious problems that might land you in trouble.

Lock Up Your Drug

If you are a parent or you stay with kids, then you need to make sure that your drug is locked up in the right storage place. Let not your kids even know that you are a user of medical marijuana. You should even take further security measures if you have teenagers at home. Remember that unlike the young ones, teenagers might already be aware of the drug. So if you become careless in keeping your strain, then you risk leading them to the use of cannabis unknowingly. Besides that, you should never purchase the drug for anyone below 21 years.

You should also keep your marijuana away from pets especially if the strain you are using is edible. Keep it in a place they cannot reach and avoid dropping it on the ground. If they happen to drop, pick them up immediately because you can easily forget. Furthermore, ensure that your pet does not easily get to the trash and find the leftovers of the edibles you throw. If you observe all these simple rules, you’ll always be safe, and the law will never find you in the wrong path.

Put Measures in Place to Avoid Accidental Consumption

If you have been using marijuana products for a long time, you must have realized that once the packaging is removed, they look a lot like non-marijuana edibles. That means if you keep them together with edibles, then it might be a little bit difficult to differentiate them. Friends, visitors, relatives, roommates and anyone else you stay with can thus confuse and find themselves eating marijuana edibles thinking that they are just the normal edibles.

Keeping marijuana edibles in the packaging is the best way to ensure that they are not confused with other edibles at home. The only right time to remove the packaging is when you are using them. If you consume a portion of it and you have some remains, then store them in their original packaging or label them clearly if you have destroyed the packaging. That way, you’ll be sure that no one will confuse them with other edibles at home.

Be respectful to the law and ensure that you do not engage yourself in activities that could find you on the wrong side. The law is clear and aims to protect you as a user of medical marijuana. Practices such as smoking in public, making it available to kids and others remain punishable. If you avoid all these things, then you can be sure that you’ll always be safe and protected by the law. Know your responsibility and be sure to do what is expected of you. That’s the best way to act if you are a user or intend to use medical marijuana.


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