Westport Selectmen Delay Vote on Marijuana Proposals

On Monday, two medical marijuana proposals were presented to the selectmen meeting that was also attended by the local based companies. The companies were seeking letter of approval or non-opposition towards the development of a facility on State Road. To their disappointment, the results were the same. The Selectmen delayed the action on both proposals until the full board was present.

The day of taking a vote had several members being absent. Craig Dutra and R. Michael Sullivan were among those who were absent. It can be noted that Dutra over the years has always shown the approval of dispensaries to operate in the area. Sullivan on the other hand has requested for the delay to help for further review. He argues that there is no point to push for fast approval when there are some things that have to be considered first.

Recently, Xiphias Wellness Inc. received a non-opposition letter that allows it to open a facility in Fall River. The company chief had promised to give the town the lucrative host agreement if the town -granted the company the non-opposition letter. The company chief is also a Little Compton native which made him also promise to make sure that the community benefited from the activities of the company.

The letter of non-opposition means that Fall River locale would be used to cultivate and dispense medical marijuana. The Westport facility at the same time would be only for retail of the product from their Fall River facility. The Westport facility would take an area of about 2,610 square-foot at 260 State Road. This should be enough space for the company to have enough medical marijuana for the patients.

The best part is that the site is within the area that has been zoned for medical marijuana dispensaries and also part of a business district. Coastal Healing is the second company to be interested in setting up a facility in 248 State Road.

You also have to keep in mind that medical marijuana would not be sold as recreational marijuana. A patient would have to get the recommendation from a doctor before he or she could access to medical marijuana. The aim is to make sure that many people do not end up abusing marijuana and also make sure it is properly regulated.

Xiphias has been interested in other areas, but the committee has been keen to make sure that there is proper regulation of the industry. The other reason is that some areas would be too close to schools and other social places that kids might be present.

The motion had to be withdrawn, so that the whole committee could deliberate on it. Having the full board would be appropriate to make sure that each voice of every member is appreciated.

A local lawyer Brian Corey that was representing Coastal Wellness claims that the delays are making the companies feel that the committee is not serious about their commitment. He also noted that the company was looking to set up a 10,000 square foot facility. This would mean more cultivation, dispensing and research. With such activities, the company would employ more people.


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