Should You Tip Your Marijuana Delivery Guy and How Much Should It Be?

We all know how tipping has been a great culture in America as a whole. People see it as an added gratuity for getting services right from dining, getting a hair cut, coffee and many others. Now the big question is, should you extend such services to you’re a licensed marijuana delivery company? Besides that, what does the law say about such an act? All these are some of the questions that though they seem to be easy, have never been answered. Some markets have, however, tried to explain the state’s stance on retail cannabis. But still, there are lots of misconceptions that need to be cleared once and for all. It’s our duty to understand these things whether it’s encouraged, necessary, expected or we should stop it completely.

Previously, tipping was unallowable since it was being manipulated depending on the size as a way of avoiding the excise tax. Due to such practices, authorities made it illegal as a way of combating the misconduct that had started taking roots in various places. With time, many changes occurred, and it’s now allowable in some other parts. It’s, however, worth noting that this practice is not a condition for sale and neither can it be practiced as a way of evading tax. Unfortunately, all these new guidelines have also raised a lot of concern hence reawakening the debate on whether the one you tip their delivery guy for quick service or other benefits.

Since we want to clear up these misconceptions and other questions we have taken our time to research, so we get facts about this topic. We spoke to both customers and those delivering medical marijuana. What we got is very interesting, and we believe that sharing with you will help make things clear. Sellers have no problem with it, and they say that it should be given by the customer willingly. It should not be asked or requested by the seller. On the other hand, the customers or buyers of medical marijuana argue that sometimes they receive excellent services from their sellers and in return, the best way to say thank you is to give a tip.

Having weighed the responses from both parties we can say that the best verdict is that a tip should be given willingly and as a bonus. So if your supplier asks for it or is made as a condition, don’t give it because it won’t serve any purpose and neither will it be an expression of anything. The next time you get services and feel that you were well served or satisfied, feel free to express your gratitude by tipping your supplier. In fact, that will inspire them to offer you even much better services in future. You can, therefore, be sure that you’ll continue receiving excellent services whenever you place an order for supply of your recreational or medical marijuana.

Now, having known whether tipping is okay or not, let’s again bring the question of how much should the tip be? Is there a given amount that you should give, or you are free to decide how much you are giving as a tip to your service provider? Well, it all goes back to the initial reason for giving a tip. To express your gratitude for the excellent services received. It, therefore, means that you are free to determine the amount that you are going to give as an appreciation. If you want to give more, it’s up to you and if you want to give small, it’s still up to you to make the decision. Don’t let it be dictated by anything else but the nature of the services you received and your honest feeling of how you were served.

Tips are not only a subject of discussion in the cannabis industry. It’s all over, and in fact, some companies tip their employees for a job well done. It, therefore, serves as a motivation to do even more and achieve higher results than before or what’s being achieved at the moment. So when you tip your local licensed marijuana supplier, you can rest assured that the services you’ll receive later will no doubt be better than those you received in the past. It makes a good point? Indeed, it’s good, and that’s what most companies do especially to the best performing employees. You should, however, not work with the intention of being tipped. Let your love for work inspire you to do the best you can in whatever job you do.

With all the above information, you now know whether or not it’s right to give tips to your medical marijuana delivery guy. Aside from that, you know what determines the amount that you should give if you are touched by the services and you want to express your joy.


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