Why You Need LED Lights for Growing Cannabis in Beverly Hills?

More and more people are opting for LED cannabis grows in Beverly Hills. When it comes to choosing the best lighting for growing marijuana indoors, LEDs are the undisputed winners. LED technology is ever advancing, and during the last few years, it has been consistently outperforming all another lighting to produce higher yielding, better tasting, and more potent cannabis plants.

Growing Marijuana in Beverly Hills

Medical marijuana patients may grow their own marijuana in Beverly Hills at home. The law allows them to harvest as much as they need. Any adult in California may have six plants growing at a time, although such regulations are always subject to change. Growing cannabis is an art, and the most successful growers create the right environment for their plants to grow optimally.

HID lamps are not particularly efficient anymore. LED lights require less energy and live longer. They also have quicker switching capability, and they are smaller and more physically robust. More importantly, LED lighting is more affordable for individual growers.

If you are not using LEDs yet, here are five very good reasons to consider a LED cannabis grow in Beverly Hills:

1. Cooler Temperatures

HID lights burn much hotter than LEDs do, which can create too much humidity or burn the actual plants. Too much heat can make it difficult to maintain a controlled environment. Because LEDs are cooler, the temperature is easier to supervise. This is especially important in summer when plants can overheat in the Californian climate.

Those in colder areas will benefit more from HID lighting, as they rely on the heat it generates. Those using LEDs in these places must also invest in additional heaters. However, any heating costs pale in comparison to the money using LEDs can save.

2. Better Positioning

Because LEDs are not as hot as HIDs, you can position them closer to your cannabis plants and make the best use of light intensity. If you position LED lighting above the canopy, you can optimize energy usage. Remember that the height must create the right balance between coverage space and light intensity, so start with the height recommended by the manufacturer and make your own adjustments from there.

3. Saves Water

The relentless California drought makes watering schedules a real concern for growers. Cannabis requires less water under LED lights than it does in the hot conditions of HID lighting. Because temperatures are cooler, less water evaporates. Reduce irrigation accordingly and always be careful of overwatering. This is a common mistake that people make when switching from HID to LED.

4. Improves Nutrient Consumption

Plants do not need as much nutrients when they are getting less water. If you are reducing water, you must also decrease feeding. Because there is less water movement and heat under LED lighting, marijuana uses its food wisely and gradually. This means you will need 30 percent less nutrients than if you were using HID lamps, which will reduce nutrient buildup and lower the risk of over-fertilizing too.

5. Customizable Spectrum

You are able to optimize LED lights to output more or less of a specific light spectrum. This is impossible with HID lamps, yet crucial for cannabis grows. Marijuana requires different light spectrums during its various life stages. Blue and white LEDs are ideal for vegetative growth, while the red spectrum range is more suitable for flowering. The latest LED lights even have UV and infrared for cannabinoid production.

Advantages of a LED Cannabis Grow in Beverly Hills

Generally, growers achieve an average yield of .5 grams per watt with HID lamps. In comparison, you can get as much as 1.5 grams per watt with LED lights, which is triply effective. HPS and HID lights have a maximum lifespan of 10,000 hours, but typically die after 3,000 hours or so. LED lights last up to 100,000 hours, making them a better choice for anyone trying to save either money or the environment.

Growing marijuana in Beverly Hills is by far the cheapest way to get it. You want quality though, which means that you will have to create the right conditions if you plan to grow marijuana indoors in Beverly Hills. This will require LED lighting, intelligent water usage, optimal airflow, nutrients, soil, and more. When used properly, LED lighting can boost yield by as much as 20 percent, or even more under experienced guidance.

A LED lighting setup can be a pricey initial investment, but projections predict that by 2020, it will cost half of what it does today. Even absolute beginners should learn to grow with LED, as this technology is not leaving cannabis culture anytime soon. In fact, as more people use LED lighting and experiment with it capabilities, it will inevitably lead to improved technology and the finest cannabis out there.


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