Identifying Low, Mid, and High-Quality Weed in Beverly Hills

Anyone living in a state unfriendly toward cannabis may get overly excited to lay his or her hands on some weed, regardless of its quality. They gratefully puff while thanking the heavens for sending such wonders their way, even if it came wrapped in cellophane or sandwich bags. It is legal to use marijuana in Beverly Hills, though, and quality is of utmost importance, especially when buying medical marijuana.

Those in illegal states are lucky to get what they can, but the quality of marijuana in Beverly Hills comes in various grades. You have complete control over the weed you consume here. Cannabis is legal and regulated, and it should come with information about pesticides used, terpene profiles, THC content, cannabinoid percentages, and more. If not, you can still identify low-, mid-, or high-quality marijuana:

Low-Quality Weed

Dirt weed, ditch weed, brick weed, shwag, bottom shelf, popcorn, shakes – all low-quality cannabis is brown in color with perhaps a hint of green. Frequently compressed into bricks for easier transport, it typically contains a mixture of stems, seeds, and dry, compact buds. When you hold a bud in your hand, you should notice a lack of girth, and that it is leafy and light, much like picking dried twigs from dirt.

It also smells low-grade. Shwag smells pungent and earthy, and it often has a spicy, harsh taste. Cannabinoid levels are typically low because of insufficient environmental control, such as inadequate lighting, which can cause premature flowering. You will not see any shiny, about-to-burst, crystallized trichomes in low-grade marijuana. Ever.

Because of the bad environmental conditions and ineffective handling typically associated with low-grade weed, it is common to find it testing high in cannabinol. This is because CBN levels rise as THC deteriorates. The oxidation of THC transforms into CBN, which causes notable fatigue and sedation instead of upliftment. Fortunately, you can slow degeneration by storing your buds in an airtight jar.

Although higher levels of CBN may indicate mishandling of your weed, it does have some underappreciated advantages. CBN is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with immense medicinal value. It effectively treats an array of health problems, including appetite loss, chronic pain, inflammation, and even insomnia. It will help you sleep, eat, and relieve any pain.

There is a major downside, however. The typical lack of care associated with dirt weed often results in a contaminated product. It is common to find insects, mold, and mildew in your marijuana, and there is always a risk of pesticides. Bottom shelf often causes headaches, as well as an array of other unwanted side effects. Be aware of this, especially when low prices overly tempt you.

Mid-Quality Weed

The majority of marijuana grown in North America falls into the mid-grade category. Regs, beasters, mids, Reggie, and regular weed are just some of the names you may hear describing it. Mid-quality cannabis typically has decent genetics, which is what gives it its green tone and colorful array of pistils, which are usually orange- or yellow-hued. You may even see some frosty trichomes, if you are lucky.

Weed of mid-quality has average-to-decent terpene profiles, although it is very rare to find any certified by a laboratory. There are occasionally stems and seeds mixed in with the buds, but for the most part, beasters are harried products. Rushed to market, mids lose quality through quick curing, careless trimming, and nutrients lost because of incorrect or insufficient flushing.

You may find mold in Reggie. It either is frequently too wet or too dry, which are characteristics that novices or intermediate connoisseurs easily miss. If bulk harvested, buds may appear more rounded than leafy, which indicates trimming by an automatic machine. Nonetheless, regular weed is generally potent and satisfying enough for most. It is pricier than shwag, depending on your location.

High-Quality Weed

You will only get high-quality marijuana at a licensed cannabis dispensary in Beverly Hills. Names for it include headies, chronic, loud, kind, fire, puff, top shelf, artisanal, and craft weed. The first thing you will notice if you have high-grade weed is its wide spectrum of colors and deep green, purple, red, orange, pink, and even blue hues. Chronic features prominent terpene and cannabinoid profiles.

If you are holding high quality in your hand, you will clearly see pronounced, juicy trichomes. It will also have a complex smell and tantalizing flavor. From growing to curing and trimming, the evidence of quality is visible in even the smallest attention to detail. Artisanal cultivators compost their own teas, use living soil, feed organic nutrients, and avoid all use of chemicals.

There will also be more emphasis on quality over volume, evidenced by methods such as hand trimming and glass curing. Even weed grown outdoors qualifies as a top shelf if an experienced grower cultivates it. In fact, sun-kissed marijuana can be so exceptional that even machine-trimmed buds qualify as piff. Quality headies will look good in both geometry and structure, and be obviously prepared with love.

Order Marijuana Online in Beverly Hills

You can order marijuana online from the comfort of home. You will receive a product carefully trimmed to ensure you get as many trichomes as possible. Since that is where quality lies, you will benefit from this attention to detail. Preserve your buds in a marijuana humidor and use a kief catcher to grind them. That way, you can preserve quality and collect kief for high-grade hash or rosin.


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