Is the battle on Medical Marijuana over in California?

Reactions to the legalization of weed in California seem to dampen down of activities by the Americans for Safe Access; at least, if what happened in other states was anything to go by. The Americans for Safe Access is a group that has been active in ensuring that medical cannabis is available for patients and for research as well. According to the chairperson of this organization, the downsizing that is being experienced in medical marijuana circles is not as a result of decriminalization of marijuana in California. Instead, the move has been fueled by individual living and growing condition. The story is the same looking at cannabis delivery services in Beverly Hills. Apparently, some landlords are making new changes in residential places in order to prevent any possibility for marijuana patients to cultivate their six plants as outlined in Proposition 64. In that case, patients don’t think that the battle against medical marijuana in some parts of California will still be on and that legal weed will not be the ultimate solution to finding a variety of medical marijuana products.

The feeling is that, medicinal marijuana will be scarce once weed dispensaries are free to start selling recreational cannabis. This conclusion is drawn from what has happened in the past. After Washington merged the medical and recreational marijuana programs, patients reported that there was a scarcity of medical marijuana after two months. Recent reforms on marijuana in California have led to the establishment of measures to cope with the new legislation requirements. This is particularly on matters to do with community study on marijuana cultivation regions in their neighborhoods. The access to county mapping resources at a glimpse will facilitate the spread of useful information concerning where growers can do their cultivation and keep off places that are restricted for this use.

Experts in the USA don’t see marijuana legalization for recreational purposes as a victory for Americans for Safe Access (ASA). The use of recreational weed was never meant to advance the campaigns conducted by ASA. The state chapter is always independent and remains neutral on all matters concerning its people. Looking at what happened to medical patients in other states that decriminalized marijuana for recreational use before 2016, patients in California had mixed feelings about it. Their counterparts in marijuana-friendly states suffered lack for their medicinal products and that is why some went forward to oppose recreational use of weed. Not because they were against it but because they feared the challenges that could arise with the merging of these two marijuana programs.

Marijuana delivery services in Beverly Hills continue to thrive. At least, the incumbent President Obama has been very lenient on cannabis business, particularly those who have engaged in medical marijuana trade. So, the question remains: will the same effect be realized in California following recreational cannabis legalization? Can we expect medical marijuana to become scarce due to the influx of recreational weed products or they will become more accessible with complete legalization of marijuana? Well, the battle on medical marijuana will still be there until the federal government’s stand is known when the president-elect, Trump and his team come into office.

Voters ‘only hope at the federal level is that, Trump expressed support for marijuana use at the state level during the campaigns for 2016 elections. He reiterated that he won’t interfere with the cannabis activities going on in the states. So marijuana patients’ focus for now is how the recreational cannabis arm of this industry will impact on the availability of their products. It is a battle within the industry that can only be dealt with through the state, county and city laws. What patients want to see is a continued supply of medical marijuana products despite the influx of recreational weed products in the market.


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