4 Popular Methods for Smoking CBD Oil

Weed contains several ingredients including THC and CBD. While CBD has medicinal value, THC is hallucinogenic. So, smoking weed benefits and harms to the body.

CBD oil has various benefits for the body including reducing inflammation, relieving of muscle spasms and pain, as well as reducing side effects of anxiety.

Studies show that using CBD oil can help the body in various ways. Its benefits include anxiety reduction, inflammation reduction, pain relief, and muscle spasm relief. More and more people are turning to the oil for its medicinal properties.

Growers are collaborating with researchers to breed marijuana strains containing more CBD than THC. No matter the content of cannabis, it is to be consumed or smoked using the same methods. So far, weed is mainly taken through smoking, and there are many methods for smoking.


While it may be unpopular with you, hookah is becoming popular and more hookah bars are getting established around the state. A hookah filters smoke through water which gets distributed through a pipe for you to inhale through the mouth. Most hooker users claim it is super fun to ingest.

If you need a hookah, you can easily get it as most Beverly Hills marijuana dispensaries sell.

Vaporization with CBD Oil

To vape, you need e-cigarette and CBD oil. You start the process by loading the oil into the device and turning on. Then you inhale vapor from e-cigarette through your mouth. Upon reach, it diffuses into your circulatory system. The stomach and liver aren’t involved in the uptake process so there is minimal CBD loss, thus, implying you will need lesser oil to achieve desired results. When you order cannabis Delivery Beverly hills, remember to include CBD and a vaporizer.

Since vaping does not involve smoke, it is more lung-friendly that smoking. It has many advantages over the rather, including being smell-free and diffusing directly into the bloodstream. That it does no smell allows one to smoke discreetly without doubts


Smoking a joint is so far the most popular way for inhaling cannabis because it’s convenient, easy and quick. If you are a heavy stoner, you may need to add CBD for a more intense session. This works in a very simple way – reinforcing the rolling paper’s strength to lower and make uniform the burn rate.

As the paper used is slippery rolling an oil joint requires special care so as not to push weed out of the joint. But with time you will acquire skills to prevent this.

Pipes/Water Bong

If you would like to get the highest concentration of CBD into your body, use a water bong. The smoke is passed through water that filers CBD oil before it gets into your lungs. Using a bong might result in throat or lung irritation as it lacks a temperature regulation mechanism.

This method is suitable for smokers who want maximum control over the dose as they have full control over the amount of CBD oil to put into the hit without having to use controls and fancy buttons.

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